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RK Aluminium Robert Karasek

ul. Ks. Józefa Londzina 31

PL 43-382 Bielsko Biała

tel.: + 48 33 4970078

fax.: + 48 33 4970079

e-mail: info@rkaluminium.pl



IBAN : PL 16160012990002350138304021


Drzwi aluminiowe RK Aluminium Bielsko-Biała

How to order doors?

Everybody interested in the offer of RK Aluminium is welcome to visit our sales showroom in Bielsko-Biała or to contact us via phone No.: 33 4970078 or via e-mail at the e-mail address: info@rkaluminium.pl.
RK Aluminium is a company manufacturing upon request. We work fast but precisely.
We perform each order in four stages which may be shortly called a „DMPP“ method:

Design – dream doors may be designed yourself, using the configurator at our website or in cooperation with the designer. We hold an extensive database of basic models but our potential is not limited to standard door designs. We make every door-related dream come true, also an typical one, on the basis of a creative idea of a designer.
When designing exterior doors we make no compromise, because in our opinion the doors are to match the client’s expectations and not the other way round.

Measurement – we create tailor-made doors this is why at the beginning of our work we perform precise measurements. Owing to great structural properties of aluminium we are able to execute doors even with very unusual shape and non-standard dimensions.

Production – our team commences the project execution with special attention to detail.

Product delivery and installation at your place – finished doors are delivered and installed on a previously agreed date. Our team works fast and in a professional manner.

You are welcome to visit us:
ul. Ks Londzina 31,
43-382 Bielsko-Biała

tel: + 48 33 4970078
fax.: + 48 33 4970079
e-mail: info@rkaluminium.pl

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